scatp florida 2016 annual conference

(Photo taken at National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Annual Conference, May 15th 2016)

Spiritual Care Addiction Treatment Professionals (SCATP)

SCATP is a self-monitored, independent association of spiritual care professionals actively working in the treatment of substance use and other addictive disorders in the context of clinical, multidisciplinary care. This new association is in development and is organizing itself through a consensus process that may lead to the adoption of additional intentions, policies, or practices as determined by group decision-making.

For example, one possible area of growth will be the formation of a professional association which would provide standards and offer some benefit to its participants in terms of professional standing.

Purpose: The present purpose of this site is to experiment with offering a platform that will supplement our LinkedIn Professional Group. Both offerings allow members the opportunity to discuss our expertise and establish general practices for professionals providing spiritual care services to persons struggling with substance abuse or substance dependence. Through collaboration, members establish a network of qualified professionals of spiritual care services where we can receive support and relevant pastoral/clinical perspectives for our work. We also anticipate collaboration and discussion to establish general standards of practice and guidelines that will help providers offer the best care in facilitating and nurturing spiritual awareness in others.

Requirements: Participants must be actively employed or have a recent history (within three years) of employment specifically as a provider of spiritual care, pastoral, or chaplaincy services in the context of clinical, multidisciplinary inpatient, outpatient, or longer term treatment for substance use or other addictive disorders.

Tasks: Members are encouraged to participate in weekly/monthly discussions and share personal success and challenges experienced in providing spiritual care services.

Benefits: Members will have access to professional experience and opportunities to share ideas.

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